Holographic Siri (Siri 2.0) iPhone 6

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Occkki says:


Joshua Gavinho says:

Fake as a piece of fake balony

babymario147 says:

fake you can see its eddited in

kutaiba hassine says:


Jack McGee says:

I know it’s fake, but what’s the point of a hologram? You can see it just fine  on screen.

freddy nuthead says:

100% fake, thats why the video was so short because it would of taken him ages to do that one small part
watse of time!!!

bryan tracey says:

who the fuck likes these

Ben Van kessel says:

Futcher? Really? R.I.P English.

David Morgan says:

I know it’s fake but they might make something like that in the futcher

Fahmi Chiki says:

lol, adobe after effect!! FAKE FUCK!

daniel kaththem says:

Fucking fake bitch

prFresh27 says:

who dafuq u talking to?

flossygorham1 says:

Fake the iPhone 6 hasn’t come out yet

Edgar Martinez says:

tell me how u did that on the i phon

Nick H. says:

Lol 4 s all the people that watched this are gullible as f— obviously that type of technology is not available in that small of a shell.

emily558ful says:

if u guys knew it was fake y did u click it? -_-

Michael Barca says:

That’s the 4s dummy

ToXiCChanawee says:

That is 4s

ballistickknifer 0 says:

Spasst ganz billig eingefügt

eatmynutsackho says:


mohamed hassan says:

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Mahiro Suzuki says:


Tuongvy Hoang says:

iPhone six haven’t came out yet doof

Melih Emin says:

realistic but FAKEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

GameJaffa says:

You don’t say, entire comments page, you doooon’t say…

Crunchems says:

I like how everyone is like “FAKE”!! And some of us are like “you dont say,how Interesting” lol

MegaPolloChicken says:

Fakery lads, fakery!

الورده الحزينه says:


BrookSoulKing1 says:

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xtocy96 says:

Sriously? :D

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