TRANZIT THE MUSICAL – Black Ops 2 Zombies Parody of Scream & Shout – ft. Britney Spears

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Download song on iTunes: Video Game Musicals #5: TRANZIT THE MUSICAL Misty, Marlton,…


Tijn416 says:

Mob of the dead the musical

gamesmasterad says:

Autooooo tune

DiamondCreeperNL says:

Alcatraz the musical

Uthedudeful says:

That would be so lol. Like a tap musical.

Harvey May says:

girl goes bong eyed anf has the ray gun

Michelle Hunter says:

1:19 misty hates T.E.D.D +T.E.D.D is the robot

Michelle Hunter says:

russman wheres shoe on his left foot and a boot on right

Robert Nordby says:

what song are they chaning cause thats a nice party beat.. anyone know?

leifmacfarlane23 says:

Gage asome

xX5LiMsHaDyxX says:

thumbs up if u wish 1:56 was the real Misty

brotz1269 says:

Hit the fucking reply button not use @…

BlissfulshadowXD says:


guidetogames8 says:

@Jacob Koch why would they this is awesome

RandomUnicorn212x says:

mob of the dead thriller please

thebadboy377 says:

Do a farcry 3 payphone or the fighter

cneary65 says:

0:59 misty is derped

jbakhashwee says:

auto tune out of 100

jonarbeau97 says:

Misty looks like shes on meth LOL!

TFOXX69 says:

did anyone else notice russman shoes were not his real shoes

GermanPlusRussian says:

we all did….

SpecsOnTech says:

Anyone else notice how they didn’t stop at farm

kellyjamie42 says:

Mob of the dead

MrLegoman217 says:

Make one on Kino der toten or Der rise from classic zombies.

norcross112102 says:


Frosty MugOfFail says:

Mob of the Dead the Musical, as PSY Gentleman
do ittttt plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

CurvedTick says:


Sherry Bird says:

Lolololol misty bitch an robocock

bless benitez says:

Actually you can

Jacob Barrow says:


Matt Pallay says:


Lewis Cooper says:

Tfuckin gay

Darren Crawford says:

do you have a PS3?

Jacob Koch says:

If someone at Treyarch watches this they are going to be so pissed

GermanPlusRussian says:

the licenseplate of the bus is robocock XD

pedrolioni says:

robocok XD

MrDakidd5000 says:

You cant head shot a zombie with a ray gun slut puppy

lexie8602 says:

Good zombie players add me name Lexie8602

Lilly Crothers says:

Funny love that song

tillyxdr vii says:

lol great work on that

yogscast leighton says:

this song is so funny share it

Bruno Righetto says:

i’m not sure about that

Bruno Righetto says:

mob of the dead it’ll be awsome !!!

zzhhst says:

You have to do Far Cry 3 the musical

EquinoxWarrior says:


bigticketwinner says:

Can`t wait to see it. I bet he is working hard on it right now!

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