A is for Allah by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

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This was recorded for his baby daughter to teach her the arabic alphabet More about Yusuf at WWW.YUSUFISLAM.COM.


TheEdmond30 says:

May God in all his guises be as beautiful. The Lord, whatever we call him flows through all of us, may our expressions of devotion be as resonant to all of us. As Yusuf once spoke, “it is time to make a change” Peace be with all of us in this time of conflict

cynicaloptimist999 says:

SUPPORT PEACE!!! I love this song, it’s always stuck in my head while I’m in class.

karizma1212 says:

Maşallah Maşallah

selebrition says:

MashaAllah, very beautiful Nasheed

Pat Murphy says:

Mā šāʾ Allāh (ما شاء الله)

Truly a blessing to be able to enjoy this man’s beautiful gift.

momolalaha says:


vampheric says:

i love lamp

ana pikinoti says:

i love allah

waqaralisial says:

Peace, Mercy and blessing of Allah Subhan-o-Tallah be on you and your family my brother.

May Allah guide all of us to the Right Path.

genialboy28 says:

LET’S us all wish and hope that all people will have the same mind. Open to whatever belief. really it is not who our prophet is. I am not a moslem but i do appreciate moslems dedication to allah…………………

Shamakh Said says:

I am muslim but Jesus is also my prophet

MsKhadija1231 says:

i love allah

MsKhadija1231 says:

i love allah ever much

TheLawl2222 says:

I am not a muslim but i like this song!! rly relaxing

Victor Calonje says:

Good to see comments expressing the love from what ever GOD brings you peace… Much respect…

ohyeah180 says:

We must tolerate everyone

I know many Muslims and they are some of the best people I’ve ever met

I can only wish to be as amazing as them

internet1991 says:

oooOOOOOoooOOOoooOOoOooOooO ramadan

Kam3liuae says:

Aaaaaaaameen muslemadowman

and yah crackzilla i poted an spam bu mistakee……..nice vid i loved the song butiful!!

thank god i am a muslem too and inshallah i stick on this relegion and may allah lead tha unmoslems to islam


CracKZilla331 says:

I love Allah and Jesus Christ, GOD BLESS and forgive us all.

ehjail says:

I love Islam and I love Mohammad Jesus and mother Mary peace be upon them all….

sanamdxb says:

Masha allah. Thank allah, i has become a part of this beautiful religion. Al hamdulillah.

We muslim should be go in the right path which quran and our beloved prophet muhammed ( PBUH) teach.
Quaran says if you harm or kill anyone ( it not said muslim) in will be considered he harm or kill all the mankind.
There is big consipiracy from west and corporate media against islam. So we never to be victim of them.

Abdalla Khalil says:


globalskool says:

Chapter My brother

judgedredd123 says:

I am not a muslim, but this is a beutiful song

Iván López says:

Hermosa la cultura islámica, rica y sin duda muy interesante. Dios nos bendiga a todos.

16kosovar says:


muslimadowman says:

thank God I’m a muslim…may God lead those who worth to be guided to Islam. Amin

islamaah says:

I am a muslim and i love Jesus too… We also beleive in Jesus and mary peace be upon them

plenty2say says:

1.5 billion Muslims love Jesus too. In fact, the Quran has a book dedicated to the mother of Jesus (PBUH). If you love Jesus, you should read it.

Borough81 says:

i miss cat stevens

minskfalastine says:

I made the exact same video yesterday except mine has Pictures to do with Islam

Bismilahi rahmanan Rahim

christiansolider says:

i love jesus

shameerpatel says:

ALLAH alhamdu lillah

shameerpatel says:

ALLAH is most powerful beutiful

shameerpatel says:

allah will stand forever ALLAH im proud to b a muslim

Frederik Hansen says:

allah <3

LoveToHangOut says:

I love Allah so much! And this is a very good way to teach his Daughter the arabic alphabet! I love this!

LoveToHangOut says:

I love Allah.. He is the best! I know every Muslim agrees with me! This song is nice!

PuteraSocrates says:

My mother used to sing this to me.I am a Muslim.She also taught me to choose my friends based on respect and friendship, not which God(s) they worship. Relationships with God are the most sacred & personal of all relationships. To claim only one way is THE RIGHT way, and not only that, everyone ELSE should follow this (and if they do not we will fight them, kill them, bomb them)regardless of collateral damage…is NOT what being close to God is all about.

john frum says:

with all due respect to the faithful. i don’t understand the need for religion. i have never seen a connection between faith and morals. violent people are going to be violent and good people are going to be good with or without faith. i would never treat people with disrespect or harm anyone but thats not good enough for some religious people that would expect me to be tortured in hell for my disbelief. if god does exist he made me with a lack of belief. should i still be tortured.

mosaks19 says:

you are the first christian that i si him talk so
(sory for the bad english im from holland and only 11years old)

anonyminity says:

i would just like to say that this song is beautiful, though im a christian and most christains think muslims are just terrorist. DONT THINK THAT ALL CHRISTIANS ARE ESPCIALLY THIS STUPID THE NEW GENERATION OF CHRSITIANS REPSECT EVERY RILIGION AS MUCH AS THERE OWN!

elcaganar says:

i cannot belive my eyes. the hate contained in some of these responses, may peace find your souls,truely. it would be so easy to respond with the viamont hate you posess but i would now be as you. may you find peace befor you leave this mortal coil, Salam Alikum Allah Salam, may there be mercy for you

howboutsome says:

hey!! peace to cat stevens thas my man!!

imthewho says:


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