“Official” Worlds Fastest Gun Disarm? Black belt Victor Marx (VM disarm)

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check out my website http://www.victormarx.com “In my 31 years of training in martial arts and 11 years as a Navy SEAL Sniper, I’ve never seen a faster handg…


NillyBillyWilly5 says:

Slight of hand pro

retrojaxed2 says:

friggin mad skills.love it.

StalkerPoul says:

i dont think anyone did.

Fade2Dark says:

You are fast! But what do you do when they have distance over you? Give them the wallet, I guess?

John Koh says:

True, and taking out the magazine doesn’t help the bullet already cocked

phillip ransburg says:

I’ve been doing this exact thing since I was 12. Then I saw this video and realize I was doing it wrong…lol…Great stuff..Freaking Amazing…

Kevin Mitnick says:


CurrentlyDisconected says:

Wow just wow.
I played it so many times….just amazing !!!

TheDharuma says:

That was awsome Victor!!!!

BlacklistP226 says:

At first, I thought you were just messing around and I was wasting my time. I was scrolling through the comments when I heard the cheering and played it back again.

That was really awesome! Efficient and great use of dexterity.

BitingCommentator says:

Awesome! A great example of what tons of practice and commitment to your training can accomplish.

(Of course I DO wonder if there is some kind of Neurotransmitter boosters-helping your move that fast LOL)

mstr293 says:

Almost perfect technique BUT he should have leaned his head to his left to avoid the gun completely. A nervous gun man could still pull that trigger even with a fast disarm.

DragonforceMember888 says:


Labeeb Tahir says:

Hey, are you somehow related to Chuck Norris…???

Austin Harvey says:

Hey You! gimme that cheeseburger dont make me shoot you

kingmobz says:


kingmobz says:

clip out, one in chamber, and gun still pointed towards assailent. Easy? Yeah… fucking try.

brad welsh says:

that WAS slo mo.

Aaron Sandman says:

Most morons who rob people would use a knife. That is if they have at least robbed more then once. Its been proven in many statistics that knife in close quarters are more intimidating then a gun. And knifes can be bought anywhere, unlike guns.

david wilson says:

yes i shal be safe walkin alone from mcdonalds at night

Erik Weaver says:

that’s was sick!

Lucian Sultan says:

Like there’s an audience to entertain when the actual threat occurs!

Melpheos1er says:

crap i blinked twice, could not see the move

Jorge M. says:

if lawmakers were that fast to pass tougher gunlaws it would be something amazing to see on video. That and faster death penalties for those leeches rotting in jail

Robbie Ianni says:

i. shall. learn. this.

Treezeeez says:

cool and all, but would only work on an idiot with a gun, which perhaps most are, ur still screwed if the person with the gun has brains

Grimblenork says:

It makes it really easy for the criminal to get the gun back when you turn around to face the audience

nystagmus says:

hilarious and awesome!

SouthernMantis816 says:

yeah but i’m not gonna tell you to give me your money from across the street if i’m a moron who robs people

tavita says:

I was told you always want to get 3ft of space in between to avoid something like this or a scuffle

reece callow says:

Please don’t hurt me mister… AND BAAAMMMMM

R E Etheridge says:

You are right on target. (pun intended:) The fact is, most criminals are astonishing stupid. That’s one reason our prisons are overflowing. But my reason for writing is to mention that I’ve been robbed at gunpoint twice, and the criminal held the gun against (first time) my head, and (second time), my back. Each guy’s gun-hand was shaking so much I was more worried about being accidentally shot, than anything else. Stupidity is dangerous for everyone.

GhostSquadOfficial says:

Just lol

Ivonne Vega says:


Victor Marx says:

Thanks Alex!

The61769 says:

remember kids…always treat a gun as if it’s loaded…….

LollyDropzYou says:

put that shit in a time warp camera that was fast

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