The Best Way to Exercise with Doug Jones How to properly progress in your fitness and exercise program. For all of the details, please visit http The Smartest and Speediest Solution to Strength is also the Simplest!
this step-by-step video will show you how to create newspaper nails. it’s a very simple technique! watch this video to see how it’s done. the grey color used is OPI’s moon over mumbai music provided by
There is more than one way to use false nails and lipstick 😉 I suspect a lot of teachers and parents are going to hate me for this tutorial…hehe 😉 Music by Florrie (Call 911 (Florrie Remix): My blog/website: Twitter: Facebook Page: What I used: -False Nails (any cheap false nails will do) -Nail File (Any will do) -Nail Art Brushes: -Sleek Red Lipstick (*): -Sleek Mulberry Lipstick (*): -Eyelash Glue: -Red Food Dye (you can get this in any food shop) DISCLAIMER: The items marked above with a (*) were provided [More]
The video of the very first moon landing of the apollo 11 mission in 1969! Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon with his now legenday words “One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind.” This is a truly amazing video and it was in 1969!!! If you think about it, you have orders of magnitude more processing power in your mobile phone than they did in the whole space craft!! Incredible!
SORRY, i forgot the end of the video lol dont you love when you dont notice a smudge until after you have filmed? or that one eye looks higher than the other? ugh 😛 Photos at COASTAL SCENTS 88 SHIMMER PALLET IS UNFORTUNATELY OUT OF STOCK NOW, BUT WILL BE IN STOCK AT THE END OF AUGUST!!! http xsparkage disney princess Little mermaid ariel beauty make up tutorial Blue green sparkle shimmer ocean
WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO. Special ending. Remember Sailor Moon? She was my hero, and she was one of the biggest reason why I loved waking up early to watch her shows on TV right before school. I was inspired to draw Anime after Sailor Moon. Heck, it inspired me to LOVE anime. Naoko Takeuchi If you are watching or reading this, thank you so much for creating a hero for all of us girls to look up to. I dream of meeting you one day. I would probably cry because you are one of my biggest inspiration. Arigato! My photo [More]
(1) It cost 410 yen. (2) The ring is from my Whipple #2 video. ▼We don’t have a facebook account. RRcherrypie on facebook is not us.▼ العاب يابانيه اطفال
At Penguicon 4 in 2006, Nifty Guest Howard Tayler of took this video of Penguicon co-founder Rob Landley throwing a bowl of liquid nitrogen in the swimming pool, and the resulting billow of fog.
I love to play with my easy bake oven! sorry you can’t hear well the camera was far … next time.
Facebook page with more pics of the mold We were going to make a casing mold of Heather’s torso so we could make a balistics gel casing to shoot up with all our guns but this is our first time trying to life cast something so it didn’t turn out the way we needed it to and will have to try again. But we thought you guys might like to see the video of this atempt!