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Due to popular demand; A shuffling tutorial for all those who keep asking me to teach them. Feel free to ask any unanswered questions in the comment section below! Thanks much!
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Here’s how a magician might escape from a pair of professional handcuffs. For entertainment purposes only. Subscribe to Kipkay: More video: Laser Videos Easy Projects: Pranks & Jokes: Hacks & Mods: Spy Gadgets & Devices: Explosions & Loud Things:
Homemade shoulder-fired rocket launcher made for physics project/skit (notice the costume).
How to Tie a Tie Expert Instructions on How to Tie a Necktie. After you learn check out my new start up
It’s easy to make water glow very brightly under a black light. You can use the water as an ingredient in slime, crystals, or other projects to make them glow-in-the-dark. Find more of my projects at:
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Cassandra Bankson/Diamondsandheels14 MODELING with Acne-Anything is Possible MEN: Tips & Tricks For Shaving Over Acne Without Making It Worse How To Control Oily Skin!!!! Model Foundation Routine: LOOK MAGAZINE READY IN REAL LIFE!!!…
See this now on – We won’t be beaten on price. Make bathtime fun for your little one with Thomas and Bulstrode Launch Thomas down the ramp, scoop up water with Bulstrode, pour water into the tower to make the wheel spin and create bubbles from the chimney of the house. Secures to the side of the bath with the suction cups. Suitable from 2 years plus