When it is too dangerous to venture out of one’s accomodation in various African war-zones, boredom is delayed by cutting pix to music, maybe it means something to someone or maybe it is seen as the press being insensitive….. whatever! We were there, you weren’t.
SelectPlusTeen Decapitated by Six Flags Roller-coasterTeen Decapitated by Six Flags Roller-coasterThe Associated PressA teenager was decapitated by a roller coaster after he hopped a pair of fences and entered a restricted area Saturday at Six Flags Over Georgia, authorities said. (June 29)This video provided by Six Flags shows the Batman roller coaster in Georgia, where a teenager lost his life. Authorities are looking into reports the teen jumped two six-foot fences to get a hat he lost while riding the coaster. The teen was struck and killed while it was in operation, going full speed. The 17-year-old was decapitated. Authorities [More]
“CBS News RAW”: Teenager Chris Chike is the number 1 ranked Guitar Hero III player in the world. Guinness World Records awarded him with a certificate in New York City. (CBSNews.com)
Taylor Swift won “Best Female Video Award” at the VMA’s. As she starts to give her speech, Kanye West comes on stage and interrupts her. Actual footage of this is on dfizzy.com Let’s become best friends forever? Follow me: twitter.com Add me : facebook.com Thanks for watching & subscribing!
ClipBandits find it ironic the US government has decided to cut off access to YouTube for military personnel stationed around the world. Yes, they can view YouTube from their own computers at home, but doesn’t do a lot of good for soldiers on the battlefield who only have access to defense department issued computers. We believe if servicemen are sent out to fight war, they should at least have the choice to view what they want on the Internet.
Obama 2012: Are you in? my.barackobama.com As a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Barack shows off his dancing skills.
“CBS News RAW”: Actor Matt Damon criticizes Alaska governor Sarah Palin, citing her inexperience in national politics and comparing her candidacy to “a bad Disney movie.”
Apple Inc’s Phil Schiller shows John Blackstone the many features of the iPhone. Apple’s latest product will go on sale this June.