Peter makes an abstinence pledge which leaves Lois extremely frustrated…so she jumps him.
Contains strong language. Also check out Jay’s aka “stupid guy” promo video.
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This is a great Kesha cover, don’t laugh. She can sing anything. Michael Jackson? Sure. Lady Gaga? Absolutely. But anyway, thanks for subscribing. LOVE YOU! See you guys Thursday. Kesha Tik Tok Tick Tock Blah Blah Blah Lady Gaga funny videos funny comedy video hilarious kevintthoms off beat news Tuesdays we r who we r your love is my drug take it off
This guy is quite lucky this round only connected with his earmuff. [edit] 7/1/07 It has been pointed out to me that the source and creator of this video is MadOgre. Visit his blog at 2007.htm And scroll down to “6-27-07: BOOM HEADSHOT!” for a first hand description of the ricochet displayed in this video. [edit 11/26/2009] Corrected link to MadOgre’s archive Also, don’t miss MadOgre’s youtube channel:
Our ten month old, Theo, cracks up watching his dad play golf on the Nintendo Wii.
Homer evolves from a single cell organism into a couch potato.