Stina and Mossy usually fight instead of communicate, so this was an odd moment. They kept “talking” for about one hour, constantly. Thanks for all the positive responses! – Update – Alot of questions have been asked concerning their relation to each other, gender and so on. They are not related in any way, both are females, approximately 10 years of age when this footage was taken. Mossy is the one to the left, which makes Stina the one on the right side! They are both still healthy and vigorous. – Update – klaatu42 has made a really nice translation [More]
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it’s soo funny 😀 audio content is licensed by UMG Song 1: Gioachino Rossini – The Thieving Magpie 0:00 – 1:37 Song 2: The Presidents of the United States of America – Kitty 1:38 – 2:47 Song 3: The Nutcracker 2:48 – 3:51 Song 4: Smash Mouth – All Star 3:51 – 7:06 Song 5: The Wiseguys – Ooh La La 7:07 – 7:43 PS: i will ignore messages with the subject “Business Proposal Regarding Your YouTube Videos”
Downloaded vids, sound effects, and threw them together with music. The cat and the cactus is my own voice.
Just featured on NBC’s Dateline! Like us on Facebook! http Copyright: NegativeSpace Media Winner! YouTube’s Best Eyewitness Video. A battle between a pride of lions, a herd of buffalo, and 2 crocodiles at a watering hole in South Africa’s Kruger National Park while on safari. COPYRIGHT NOTICE. For licensing opportunities, please visit This video is copyrighted and cannot be used before live audiences or through any form of mass media without the express permission of Jason Schlosberg or David Budzinski. Its use via YouTube is intended for personal use only and can only be viewed on YouTube [More]
DOWNLOAD THIS SONG: LYRICS: I got this little kitty about 2 months back he was the nicest little kitty, now a pain in my crack This little kitty is a ninja, always stalking my feet This little kitty is a warrior you know what I mean he’s an evil little kitty look what he did to my hand tries to get in trouble in any way that he can I could give this cat a toy, but he’d rather have the wrapper and I will always give him water, but he still drinks from the crapper You could lock [More]
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