Awesome new iPad 3 concept. The new iPad 3 video contains advanced CG iPad 3 features on a new iPad design. A huge step up from iPad 1 features or iPad 2 features. Key highlights of the new iPad 3 Concept features include edge-to-edge screen with retina display, 5 Mega Pixel Camera, magnetic iPads with near field communications (NFC) and 3d holographic display for multiplayer games This computer generated new iPad 3 concept video pushes the envelope in iPad design and new iPad features, just like its hugely successful sister video ‘iPhone 5 Concept Features’ did with iPhone design and [More]
St. Maarten Clips – Kai Tak Clips – Traffic Series – Los Angeles Clips – Wing Clips – DC-8 Clips – More videos you might like – Best Engine Sounds Ever – LOUD TAKEOFF! – C-17 Takeoff – C-130s landing – Awesome Takeoffs – Inside Los Angeles Airport – Departing LAX – DC-9 Takeoff – Thanks so much for watching! Keep up with me here: Follow me on Twitter: Join my Facebook Group for Aviation Fans: Airbus A380 @ St. Marteen! was created [More]
Corn starch is a shear thickening non-Newtonian fluid meaning that it becomes more viscous when it is disturbed. When it’s hit repeatedly by something like a speaker cone it forms weird tendrils. The video was shot at 30 fps and the speaker cone was vibrating at 30 Hz which is why there is no blur. This is the original video with the actual sound of the speaker.
Miker and I decide to find out what happens when you put large amounts of dry ice in a hot tub and swimming pool YOU WANT TO FLY RC? We’re working on new ParkJets all the time and we need test pilots! Every week we release the TOP TIPS in our newsletter. All of our best test pilots have already joined and you can join us too. It’s easy to sign up, and loaded with free tips to hook you up with the right plane and fly faster! It also has rare discounts to popular RC products! Please sign up and join us here: . .
If you are looking for something serious, go Music: D-16 “End of the world” (Website holder have closed this site.) My blog about the best comedy videos (in Japanese)
If you are looking for something serious, go Music: D-16 “End of the world” (Website holder have closed this site.) My blog about the best comedy videos (in Japanese)
Its 64 Years Today! (August 6th 1945 – August 6th 2009) Hiroshima, Since the US were arseing about dropping atom bombs and stuff, so we had a go at making a very small and friendly one. Yay! Yay for the world’s smallest nuke dead ace films now have prekeyed / pre keyed nuclear explosion footage with alpha channel available for your video projects now at Follow me on twitter on @davideo1 For more information about Davideo videos check out… Davideo is please note that is no longer part of davideo this is now some bogus credit [More]
Click to Tweet! Share on Facebook! Clearly amazing. The quad-core A5 chip delivers even more power. The laser projection keyboard liberates your thumbs. The new iClear Retina display presents sharp graphics and stunning images. iOS 6 will take your iPhone experience in an entirely new direction. And if there’s anything else you need, just ask Siri. Check me out on the web:
Amazing footage. Bigfoot caught on tape. Amazing footage!