How about dropping 280 feet and reaching speeds of over 30 miles per hour on one of our tallest and fastest speed slides!? If you’re a thrill seeker, then this is definitely the ride for you! It’s a long way down, but you’ll be at the bottom before you know it!
The World Islands, are a collection of man-made islands shaped into the continents of the world, located off the coast of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It will consist of 300 small private artificial islands divided into four categories – private homes, estate homes, dream resorts, and community islands. This movie was found on the official website of The World project. Edit: Unfortunately The World project had been suspended due to the effects of the global financial crisis. Official website is no longer avaible. You can find more info on Wikipedia:
The rogue wave that hit us during Summer Sea Term ’07 on the Empire State.
Air traffic control tapes of Swissair Flight 111 have finally been released after a legal battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. The ATC tapes, released by the Canadian Press, have not been made public since the 1998 crash that killed 229 people. The tapes contain hours of recording including the final dramatic 12 minutes of the flight before the aircraft plunged at high speed into St. Margaret’s Bay, NS, near Halifax. “Swissair one eleven is declaring pan pan pan we have smoke in the cockpit,” one pilot said. “Pan pan pan” means there is [More]
The closest to death I’ve ever been – Devil’s Pool at the top of Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Zambia. January 2, 2010. The spot we’re all sitting in is called Devil’s Pool, hence the video name. To reach it, we first took a small boat to Livingstone island: a tiny island near the edge of Victoria Falls. We then swam across the top of the falls for about 20 minutes, stopping every few meters to swim directly up stream because the current would drag us closer to the edge as we tried to swim perpendicular. The three black men (the two [More]
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Fun on a home made slip and slide.
Secret Places of The Earth II Edited by Alexandre Lacasse (alias Argosax) With Google Earth —–coordinates—– The number One : 3° 0’8.80″S 33° 5’24.17″E Lion : 51°50’43.09″N 0°33’11.03″W Horse 01 : 31°39’42.14″N 106°34’57.65″W Horse O2: 51° 6’5.79″N 1° 8’26.09″E Maxim : Bonus DOWN A man : 29°30’6.70″S 137°29’22.33″E Pirate : Bonus DOWN again Jesus loves you : 43°38’46.09″N 115°59’35.81″W Boat + birds : 21°50’34.82″S 35°26’59.83″E Sheeps : 29°46’15.67″S 21° 0’31.10″E elephants : 10°54’13.28″N 19°56’5.72″E Jump animals : 16°24’16.18″N 19°54’49.78″E Mill : 51°41’0.48″N 5°46’37.25″E Horse 03 : 51°39’5.23″N 3°15’27.47″W Rabbit : 44°14’38.11″N 7°46’9.40″E Sorry but I lost the coordinates of the [More]