The X Factor 2010: Rebecca has wanted to sing this song for a very long time, so saving it for last was a very wise move. Will this moving performance by Reb…
The Graham Norton Show S10E08 Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr., Alesha Dixon, Eddie Izzard, Rebecca Ferguson.
Patricia Heaton talks to Craig about the big sex talk with her kids.
Craig discusses the series finale of Breaking Bad, performing in Las Vegas, and tells the night’s joke stolen from Jay Leno.
Simon talks about when he followed his girlfriend, now wife, to Paris to propose to her.
Craig discusses Wilford Brimley, new iPhone features, and the TV show Breaking Bad.
Craig discusses Sean Penn and Madonna getting back together, the world’s most honest city, and Lisbon Portugal.
Craig and Joseph Gordon-Levitt act like therapists and discuss the fear of intimacy and compatibility in relationships while using different accents.
Craig discusses minimum wage in California, Bill Nye The Science Guy, and new stamp prices.